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What's New This Week?

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Happy Birthday To Me!

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Ok, so I’m going to have to do this weekly now because a) the show is starting to make me so angry weekly that I need to vent and b) I’m using this forum as a way to come up to retorts to my DH who now yells “this show is so duuuuuumb!” every week.

So, this week, we learned that the real point of this entire season is to see how many times they can handcuff shirtless Jason to the bed. Answer? A LOT. It’s getting silly.

Ha HA! I'm TIED up this time, NOT handcuffed!

We also learned that nope, no matter how you cut it, this whole witch plot is stupid. I hate it. I just don’t care how mean the Vamps were to the Witches back in the day. Also, it’s weird that the whole idea of the Witch trials being terrible is that they were innocent people being murdered, but according to True Blood, they probably all deserved it!

Another annoying thing is the attempt to make me worry for Eric’s fate.


Yeah, I've got my hood up, i.e. too cute to kill, duh.

Yeah, they’re not axing Eric. Did anyone think for even ONE second that he was going off the show? No, you didn’t, I didn’t, ERIC didn’t. That’s why he didn’t look worried and, honestly that’s why Bill just looked all Emo. Woah is him, he’s not the most rueful man in town.

Also, I thought HUMAN government was f’d up, but really? Getting authorization for the True Death because someone’s acting goofy? And getting it within the hour? THAT’S the whole vamp judicial process? No, that’s just nonsense. There wouldn’t be ANY vampires left! It’s ridiculous.

Tommy as Sam: Like this Sam better, but really, Tommy? How is Sam NOT going to find this out? Also, Sookie, you really ARE the worst waitress ever. You deserve the firing that you’re clearly not going to get.

Jessica: You’re just so pretty!

Pam: Come hug me, I will hug you AND your rotten face. I don’t care. You don’t need the beekeeper outfit with me, Honey.

And to finish: I hate the Mikey plot. It’s dumb. I hate the whole Mexican grandpa angle, it too, is dumb. I can’t stand Tara, her angst is annoying but man, she’s got some hot legs. Debbie, go back to V, you’re lame.

So yeah, there’s my True Blood whine for the week. What say you all?

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It’s August

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Do you know what that means? Well, it means a lot of things, actually. Perhaps most importantly is that my birthday is only 2 weeks away! Yay! Second most importantly? It’s 1.5 months till the Season 7 premiere of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! Wheeeee! Are you excited? I am excited.

I know! Mac is fat! How is this going to affect his ability to kick ass? What plan will Charlie come up with to help him shed the weight? Will they attempt to burn it off, or perhaps lock him in a cage? Maybe they’ll simply poison his sweets. There’s no telling. We’ll have to wait and see. Waaaaait and seeee. Hmph.

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That Deleted Lost Scene

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Just in case you somehow missed this big Comicon reveal, here’s that deleted scene from lost:

See, they knew what they were doing the WHOLE time…

I feel vindicated regarding my emotional abandonment of the show in that last season now.

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Season Six Of Dexter Is On The Way!

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And here’s the trailer! Yay!!!


I’m kind of excited. As I’ve said, I hate it when summer ends, but oh, Dexter, I have missed you. Lets hope those ninny kids don’t get in the way, eh?

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Oh, Good. More Animal Shopping.

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Now I have to go and buy my cats a lizard to snuggle or I’ll never get to witness this cuteness in real life. CURSE YOU, ADORABLE SNUGGLERS!

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